Y-USA Auto Feeding and Camera Positioning Laser Cutting Machine (New) Item # YN-101050


Y-USA Auto Feeding and Camera Positioning Laser Cutting Machine

SKU: YN-101050
Manufacturer: Yin USA

Y-USA Auto Feeding and Camera Positioning Laser Cutting Machine

New with Factory Warranty


About this Item

  • Features
    Welded steel frame structure to ensure high rigidity, high stability to improve precision and cutting efficiency.

    Epsilon-type aluminum conveyor enjoy light weight, stable structure, no distortion, good flatness.

    SmartCarve4.3 for vision cutting adopts marking point and template processing method.

    Adopts high-end DSP chips to ensure the software enjoy the powerful data processing ability, no deformation and distortion for high-speed continuous curve cutting.

    Compatible with design software like CAD, CORELDRAW, GERBER, TAJIMA etc, user friendly.

    No signal distortion in long-distance transmission, strong anti-jamming capability.

    Adopts superior electric components, ensure the system stability, durability.

    Technical Parameter

    Laser power 60W-130W

    Wavelength 10.6 ?m

    Cutting speed 0~24 (m/min)

    Power Supply AC220V?10%?50/60HZ

    CCD camera resolution 1.3 million pixels

    Graphic format BMP?HPGL?PLT??JPEG?DST?DXP?DXF

  • Work environment

    Clean,less dust

    Temp:5~ 40?C , Humidity:5~80%

    Dimension & Weight

    Model CMA1610-FV-C CMA1610-FVET-C CMA1810-FVET-C
    Laser head Single Double Double
    Working area (mm) 1500*930 1450*930 1650*950
    Overall dimension (mm) 2260*2140*1210 2260*2140*1210 2500*2140*1250
    Weight 850 850 850

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    This machine can be picked up in Texas or shipped for an additional fee.

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