Zund Creasing Tool (Used) Item # PA-104010


Zund Creasing Tool

SKU: PA-104010
Manufacturer: Zund

The CTT1 is perfect for processing single-wall corrugated cardboard. This tool accommodates crease wheels with a diameter of 61 mm/2.4" and a width of 20 mm/.8". Fully supported by the cutting software, the tool produces high-quality creases both with and against the corrugation without tearing or cracking the top layer. The crease wheels simply snap into the holder, making them very easy to insert and replace.

Key Features:

- Clean creases without tearing
- Directional pressure adjustments (with/against corrugation)
- Crease wheel diameter: 61 mm/2.4"
- Crease wheel width: 20 mm/.8"
- Crease wheels snap into holder
- Compatible with G3, S3, D3

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(The part pictured is from the manufacturer's site.)


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Zund part # 6532051

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