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Zund Kiss Cutting Tool

SKU: NFE-236

Zund Kiss Cutting Tool

Zund Mat Cutter Parts

Zund Part # 6532002

From the seller " New condition. This part came with a new Zund we bought but don't need it and have never used it.?

(The part pictured is from the manufacturer's site.)

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***Manufacturer's Information:

  • List Price ?$1,323

For vinyl-cutting applications and especially kiss-cutting, perfect accuracy in the cutting depth is essential. The variable pressure of the Kiss-Cut Tool permits precise cutting of foils without damaging the liner material.

Besides commonly used vinyl and other films up to 3mm (1/8?) thick, this tool can also be used for cutting thin paper and card stock. A fixed glide shoe comes with the tool and is used for through-cutting cardboard and Diamond Grade vinyl.

Advantages at a glance

  • Two processing methods: kiss-cut + through-cut
  • Max. material thickness: 3 mm/1/8?
  • Precise depth control
  • Perfect separation of film and liner material
  • Special glide shoe for processing Diamond Grade vinyl
  • Compatible with G3, S3, D3

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