Fletcher 1100 Oval / Circle Cutter (Used) Item # UFE-C1791 (Arkansas)


SKU: UFE-C1791

Fletcher 1100 Oval / Circle Cutter

Used by picture framers and artists for cutting oval mats; can do the same with glass.

From the seller: “In very good working condition. I was the original owner. Closed my frame shop and no longer need it”

Price: $ 450

Customers can pick this item up in Arkansas or shipped for an additional fee.

  • ***Reviews from the web:
    • “This F-1100 is the most accurate manual oval cutter every manufactured.
    • It is the only cutting head that “tracks” and does not trail the leading edge. This means that it produces perfectly exact ovals with no “lean / tilt”.
    • After learning the setup, in the hands of an experienced framer it is truthfully as fast as any CMC in producing a stack of oval mats – For example: 20 – 16×20’s with the same opening in each.
    • It also cuts glass – the current hand model glass cutter have smaller limitations on overall size and offset.
    • For any framer who does not envision themselves getting a CMC in the foreseeable future, grab this piece of equipment to make yourself complete!”
    • “It fits PERFECTLY on a used school AV cart! Perfect work space, just roll the cart into a corner when you aren’t using the cutter. Nifty unit, once calibrated to the job, repeats are very fast, and precise”
    • The F-1000/F-11000 are perhaps the most accurate manual oval cutters ever manufactured.
    • If you have one of these professional manual oval cutters, you still have a  key advantage over your competition. You can cut oval-shaped glass when the need arises, whereas your competitor will either have to do this task by hand or send it to an outside source. (PFM October 2015)
    • A used Fletcher 1100 still has value compared to other manual machines, as it is the only professional manual cutter produced with a cutting head that tracks similar to a CMC (PFM October 2015)
    • Regardless of the brand, cutting with a soft mat underlayment beneath the mat increases the life and the sharpness
      of the blade.  (PFM October 2015)


*** Although we strive for accuracy, some specifications are provided to us by seller. It is a good idea to double check specifications by manufacturing company for possible errors of information. Feel free to call us if you have further questions before purchasing.

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September 23, 2019




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