The Champ III Toggle (Sawtooth Hangers & Easel Back, Turnbuttons) Press (New) NE-100820A

SKU: NE-100820A

The Champ III Toggle (Sawtooth Hangers & Easel Back,  Turnbuttons) Press

This is no longer available. It has been replaced by the Champ IV which can be found in this catalog.

Machine to install Saw tooth hangers , Easel, Turnbutton Applications to frames or backerboards

Includes the champ disc for hangers. Left right and height adjustments guides and a head to apply hangers. Each hanger has its own  application head. Additional heads are optional. Same for the components if you want to make your own easel backs.

The Champ III toggle press is very user friendly, weighs 50% less than its predecessor, yet still allows the installation of numerous kinds of hardware depending upon the optional accessories being used. Self-fastening hangers are quickly installed with the help of the left and right centering guides; easel hinges have a convenient Easel/Back Alignment Guide; self-fastening turnbuttons utilize a simple turnbutton head and disk to ensure proper placement.
In addition, we’ve redesigned out packaging to be environmentally safe. Craft’s Champ Machines are the most popular in our ever-growing extensive line of equipment designed to efficiently assist every frame manufacturer in all levels of hardware application.

Below are hangers available for this machine: (Call for Pricing)

SKU # 1406 Nailess Saw Tooth Hanger

This has little prongs and is designed to be applied into the wood moulding.

Detailed Specifications:
1 5/8″ Width × 3/8″ Height

SKU # 1408 Self Fastening Saw Tooth Hanger

This gets applied into the chipboard.

Detailed Specifications:
2 5/16″ Width × 3/8″ Height

SKU # 1428 Self Fastening Sawtooth Hanger

The 1428 hanger is designed to be applied with the Craft Champ III toggle press or the Backmate.

Detailed Specifications:
1 1/4″ Width × 1 7/16″Height

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October 8, 2020