A Plus Automation A7-MemoTS Vnailer (New) Item # AP-102030


A Plus Automation A7-MemoTS Vnailer

SKU: AP-102030
Manufacturer: A Plus Automation

A Plus Automation A7-MemoTS Vnailer

New w/ Factory Warranty

From the Manufacturer:

The A7-MemoTS has been designed for the custom production framer who has frequent changeovers and requires high speed assembly.

Specific to this machine is a vertical hold down that travels back and forth inline with the driver assembly reducing the need to reset the position of the hold down when changing frame programs allowing you to increase your productivity.

The A7-MemoTS has a magazine composed of five channels which are customizable upon request.

They contain different sizes of special steel A+ wedges: 5, 7, 10, 12, 15mm.

Within the same work cycle the operator can insert and / or stack wedges of different sizes in the programmed positions. It can be used to assemble all types of wood, plastic and MDF. The machine is equipped with a touch screen using Windows™ CE, which allows you to store an almost endless amount of frame programs. The programs can be manually entered into the machine or downloaded from a PC. The operator can easily recall the program through the touch screen or via an optional bar code scanner. Once the operator scans the barcode production can start immediately. The barcode scanner can also fully program the machine through the use of a special QR barcode.

The A7-MemoTS+ has no equal in terms of ease of programming, quality and speed of assembly.

Video of Machine in Operation


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