AGL 64i Laminator (Used) Item # UPE-37 (California)
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AGL 64i Laminator (Used) Item # UPE-37 (California)
AGL 64i Laminator (Used) Item # UPE-37 (California)
AGL 64i Laminator (Used) Item # UPE-37 (California)
AGL 64i Laminator (Used) Item # UPE-37 (California)
AGL 64i Laminator (Used) Item # UPE-37 (California)
AGL 64i Laminator (Used) Item # UPE-37 (California)
AGL 64i Laminator (Used) Item # UPE-37 (California)
AGL 64i Laminator (Used) Item # UPE-37 (California)


AGL 64i Laminator

Manufacturer: AGL

AGL 64i Laminator

  • Bought new in 2003

From the Seller: "We are the original owners and have meticulously maintained it. We are retiring and are now selling our AGL 64i 64" Laminator which is in good working condition. It has been a work horse and done us very well. We have often said that we would not have a business if it wasn't for our AGL. It can handle films up to 63" wide with the chucks. The nip rollers are 64" wide. There are 2 pairs of nip rollers that are in like new shape. Two of the nip rollers are heated. All of them have adjustable air compression to nip them together. The nip rollers have multiple step down stops that can be set from -1/16" to +1". Full controls are available on the front and on the back sides. The rollers can reverse direction and both side have foot activation pedals. There are to unwind stations on one side and one unwind station on the other side. There are two rewind stations, one on each side. On one side is a film slicing setup. This is a dream machine for any sign shop. Once you try this machine you will shun all others."

More From the Seller: "The laminator has always been in our garage (our laminator room) and the backside has faced the large garage door. Sun came in through the windows of the door and faded the poly-carbonate overlays (poor quality ink). You will see this fading in the pictures. I have included pictures of one of the rollers. They are all in this condition. The decal with the serial number states the laminator was shipped in April of 2002. We bought the laminator from a printer/sign materials vendor (no longer in business) in the San Francisco bay area. We are the original owners, but we took possession in 2003. The thermostats for the upper and lower heated rollers work well. There are two safety trip wires at the very bottom of the lamintor near the floor on both sides. I have disabled them. It will not take much to re-enable them. The pictures do not show a table that comes with the laminator on the front side. We took it off, as we don't need it. The table on the backside of the laminator folds down when needed. There are full controls on both sides of the laminator. There was an electrical part that was replaced about 8 years ago. Sorry I cannot remember which part. AGL helped us diagnose the problem via telephone. This laminator has been a great workhorse for us and it still has many years of life left. Additionally this laminator comes with a custom design plastic cover that can be folded back for access. While this cover is easily closed it keeps dust from falling on the laminator. While open it allows very open access to the operation of the laminator."

***From the Manufacturer:

  • AGL 64i (Hot/Cold Bi-Directional)

AGL 64i Brochure

Advanced Greig Laminators (AGL) has designed the next generation in print finishing laminators, the new 64i Laminator. The AGL engineering team has developed the following revolutionary features.

The AGL 64i laminates and mounts a 62.0" wide maximum thermal or pressure sensitive laminating film. All models feature 10.0" diameter heavey-duty cantilevered unwind stations, 6.0" diameter pneumatically actuated nip roller assembly with "dial-in" spacer system, RTS break system for precise tension control feed back and 0-20 FPM operating speeds.

Maximum Mounting Thickness: 1.25

Physical Dimensions/Power Requirements:

  • Overall Width: 87.5"
  • Maximum Depth: 37.9"
  • Maximum Height: 59.9"
  • 2100 lbs. (approx.)
  • Control Voltage: 220vac/50-60hz/1 Phase/60 Amp


AGL - Advanced Greig Laminators

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