Cantek C12RSH 12″ Glue Line Rip Saw (New) Item # CT-141010


Cantek C12RSH 12" Glue Line Rip Saw

SKU: CT-141010
Manufacturer: Cantek

The Cantek C12RSH Straight Line Ripsaw is a single-blade ripsaw geared towards the shop looking to increase efficiency in their ripping operations but can not justify a multi-blade ripsaw. With its precision cast iron chain and track assembly, and extended pressure section, the C12RSH can produce a glue joint finish ready for panel glue-up right out of the saw.


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Features and Specifications:

- 15 HP motor
- 1 HP feed motor
- 4500 RPM saw arbor speed
- 50 - 120 FPM variable feed speed
- 1" saw arbor diameter
- 8 - 12" Saw blade diameter
- Max. work piece thickness 3.35"
- Min. work piece length 8"
- Table size 39" x 57"
- 8 hold down rolls for increased control and precise straight line cutting (6 rows)
- Easy access to adjustments and controls
- 3 sets of anti-kickback fingers, (2) top and (1) set in the table
- 230/460V or 575/3/60 electronics
- 12" Saw Blade included (1)

Additional Information

Key Features:

- Cast iron saw assembly, column, and table with superior vibration damping properties for optimum cutting results while ensuring long bearing and machine life.
- Rigid machine body consists of a thick welded steel frame.
- FC35 cast iron chain track with double-V design ensures precision straight-line ripping with a long wear life.
- Precision Built Saw Arbor constructed of nickel-chrome steel, large diameter, accurately ground and dynamically balanced.
- Arbor runs in precision angular contact type ball bearings (eliminates any radial run-out & axial thrust) – V Belt driven from below.
- Mechanical operation Chain Oiler provides consistent lubrication to the chain track and automatically adjusts to your feed speed.
- When oil runs low, a warning light will come on, and when it gets too low, the machine track stops running to avoid damage to the track.
- Cast iron rip fence is mounted to a large diameter round guide rail with a quick-locking lever for effortless and accurate adjustment.
- 3 sets of anti-kickback fingers. 2 top and 1 set in the table for added operator safety.
- Soft start – Star Delta starter reduces the amp draw on startup.


20mW Laser (FPIMLC1320W) and Laser Holder (FPICAN03)

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