Cantek EM12 Continuous Throughfeed End Matcher (New) Item # CT-105100


Cantek EM12 Continuous Throughfeed End Matcher

SKU: CT-105100
Manufacturer: Cantek

The Cantek EM12 End Matcher is designed for machining tongue and groove (with or without bevels) on hardwood flooring and wall/ceiling paneling up to 12” wide. Its compact design with continuous through feed system allows for maximum output in a small space.


About this Item

Features & Specifications


-(2) 10HP cutterhead motors
-1HP feed system motor
-1/2HP cutter drive motor
-230V or 460V
-1.6" - 12" width capacity
-0.4" - 1/38" thickness
-12" min. length
-Max. length unlimited
-Top & side clamping
-40mm spindle dia.
-85PSI compressed air requirement
-Dimensions 91" x 51.5" x 63"
-Weight 2,530 lbs.
-Includes 1 set - Carbide Insert type Tongue & Groove cutterheads

Additional Information


-Increased Infeed Powered Roller Conveyor Length: 43" (1100mm) long section (per section)
-Increased Outfeed Slide Table Length 43" (1100mm) (per section)
-Deduct for Non Supply of Factory Cutterheads
-Additional set of Carbide insert Cutterheads (Left & Right)


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