Cantek P-24HV 24″ Planer w/ Spiral Cutterhead (New) Item # CT-107020


Cantek P24HV 24" Planer with Spiral Cutterhead

SKU: CT-107020
Manufacturer: Cantek

The Cantek P24HV 24” Planer has a cast iron table and head assembly with robust welded steel frame results in superior planing finish due to greatly reduced vibration.

The spiral insert knife cutterhead runs extremely quiet and the solid carbide inserts provide a smooth finish and have a long life.

When one edge gets dull simply rotate the knife 90 degrees for a new cutting edge.  Knives can be rotated four times before needing to be replaced.


About this Item

Features & Specifications


- 7.5HP
- 230V
- 3Ph
- Feed speed 20 and 30 FPM
- 3-3/16" cutterhead dia.
- 5/16" max. cutting depth
- 8" min. material length
- (1) 6" dust port
- Serrated sectional infeed roll
- Sectional chipbreakers
- Spiral Insert Knife
- Spiral Insert Knife Cutterhead with replaceable carbide insert knives for long life and smooth cutting action (132 inserts, 14mm x 14mm x 2mm)
- Polyurethane outfeed roll
- Double bed rolls with convenient height adjustment from the front of the table
- Manual table adjustment with linear scale for thickness measurement.
- CSA/UL – Approved Magnetic Starter

Additional Information

Key Features

-2-feed speeds
-Double bed rolls which are conveniently adjusted from the front of the machine to assist with planing difficult to feed material
-Side handwheel with linear scale for table adjustment
-Polyurethane outfeed roll which will not mark your material after it has been planed
-Flip open top lid with limit switch for safe & convenient changing of the insert knives

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