New Cassese CS 55M2 Guillotine Chopper Cutting Machine
Cassese CS 55M2 Foot Operated (Guillotine) Chopper (New) Item # NFE-121


Cassese CS 55M2 Foot Operated (Guillotine) Chopper

SKU: NFE-121
Manufacturer: Cassese

Factory New w/ Warranty


About this Item

  • Exclusive spring loaded rebate supports (patented)

  • Blade locator pins for safe & easy blade changing (patented)

  • Fence locator pins for accurate 45?cuts every time

  • Dust free and silent

  • Patented spring- loaded rebate supports system automatically adjust themselves to the required height, under the rebate of the moulding. They are quicker to set, more accurate and safer to use than regular screw systems

  • 1 meter (39 1/2") measuring arm featuring a unique 4 colors direct read measuring scale is fast and accurate. No need to measure the width of the moulding first.

  • Tool-less blade height adjustment. Safe and easy thanks to an ergonomic handle

  • Protective clear safety guards minimize blade exposure to the operator

  • Large foot pedal featuring an anti-slip rubber grid

  • Quiet operation

  • Dust free

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