Cassese MACH 4 Cart Memory Underpinner (New) Item # LS-101010


Cassese MACH 4 Cart Memory Underpinner

SKU: LS-101010
Manufacturer: Cassese

New w/ Factory Warranty

The Cassese Mach 4 Cart electronic pneumatic memory joiner delivers fast performance and heavy duty design for high production, programmable memory with a user friendly touch-screen interface and of course, Cassese quality corners! Touchscreen tells operator which cartridge size and accessories to use. Stores up to 3000 profiles in memory. ?Unlimited profiles if full parameter barcode and scanner used. Very fast! Up to 3300 cycles per hour.

The MACH 4 Cart uses Cassese nails in cartridges, which means no adjustment to machine when changing nail size.

Electronic + Pneumatic memory joiner


About this Item

Features & Specifications

-High Speed 3300 cycles / hour (2 nails / corner)
-Cassese’s exclusive Smart Wedge Drive System eliminates the need to adjust the top clamp location and eliminates the need to adjust air pressure between Hardwood and Softwood.
-9 nailing positions, up to 9 nails per position
-Storage for 3,000 moulding profiles
-Wide Mouldings 7 ½” stroke
-Super powerful retractable Ultra clamps draw moulding tight
-Barcode ready

Additional Information


-Width: 1/4” 6” (5mm-150mm)
-Height: 5/16” 4”7mm-100mm)
-Net Weight: 213 lbs (97kg)
-Minimum Frame Dimensions: 3 5/16” x 3 5/16” (85mm x 85mm)
-Stroke Length: 7 ½” (190mm)
-Dimensions: L 23” (584mm) W 26 ¼” (666mm) H 46” (1168mm)

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