Cassese V-Force 2 Cart Numeric Underpinner Joiner MACH 4
Cassese V-Force 2 Cart Numeric Underpinner (New) Item # NFE-1058
Cassese V-Force 2 Cart Numeric Underpinner (New) Item # NFE-1058
Cassese V-Force 2 Cart Numeric Underpinner (New) Item # NFE-1058


Cassese V-Force 2 Cart Numeric Underpinner

SKU: NFE-1058
Manufacturer: Cassese

Cassese V-Force 2 Cart Numeric Underpinner

This is Cassese's newest Generation Cassese Joiner which replaces the Cassese MACH 4

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Factory New w/ Warranty

THE V-FORCE 2 CART FROM CASSESE is a numeric underpinner (v-nailer) with high speed joining capacity.
The V-FORCE 2 CART is easy to use thanks to its user-friendly touchscreen and its quick and
easy joining set up. The V-FORCE 2 CART can join high and wide mouldings while ensuring a perfect joining
quality thanks to the retractable tightening clamps system.
To improve your production time, you can register up to 3 000 favorites moulding profiles with iconic identification.
The V-FORCE 2 CART uses Cassese cartridge wedges, recognized today as the best on the market and allowing you to load the machine


About this Item

  • Dimensions:

    Width: 600 mm
    Height: 1150 mm
    Length: 650 mm

    Moulding Capacity:

    Height Maximum: 100 mm

    Height Minimum: 7 mm

    Length Maximum: 150 mm

    Length Minimum: 5 mm

    Air Supply:

    6 Bars

    1L / wedge

    Weight: 103 kg

    The Smart Wedge Drive System:

    No need to adjust
    top clamp

    Self-adjusting pressure
    No need to adjust air pressure between Hardwood and Softwood

    High speed joining =
    3360 cycles / hour
    (with 2 positions per corner)

    User-friendly touchscreen and easy to use menus.

    Quick and Easy joining set up with iconic identification.

    Complete tutorial to guide you step by step.

    9 wedge positions
    9 wedges per position

    3 000 Favorites Profiles (Import your MACH profiles)

    Barcode Ready (compatible with MACH, CS486, CS3099 & CS4008 joining files)

    Adjustable rod clamp Magnetic chevron clamp Solid crossbar

    Concrete reinforced structure to absorb vibrations

    New sandwich aluminum panel to reinforce the robustness

    Included Accessories:

    1 box of 7mm SW
    1 box of 10 mm SW
    1 box of 10mm HW


  • Optional Accessories:

    Z21476 Z1791

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