Cassese Cartridge Wedges VNails V-Nails for Joiner Underpinner
Original Cassese Cartridge Wedges (New) Item # NFE-259
Original Cassese Cartridge Wedges (New) Item # NFE-259
Original Cassese Cartridge Wedges (New) Item # NFE-259


Original Cassese Cartridge Wedges

SKU: NFE-259
Manufacturer: Cassese

Used with Cassese Frame Joiner / Underpinner / Vnailers


About this Item

Features & Specifications



  • Rust-protected

  • Lubricated for smoother penetration and for minimum wearing of your Cassese underpinner (frame joiner)

  • POWER STRIP (patented) All cartridge wedges* are produced with a corrugation in the middle that improves the resistance of the wedges and make them join even harder materials without difficulty (*: except #3 and 5)

  • Produced in respect of international standards

  • Manufactured with high quality steel

  • Special wedges for very hard timbers are available (labelled by the color of the plastic wedge pusher)

  • Quick identification: The cartridges are color-coded to easily identify the size and hardness of wedges they contain

  • Each cartridge contains a minimum of 275 to 290 wedges. Thanks to the cartridges, you use 100% of the wedges purchased with no waste

  • Thanks to the cartridges, there are no parts to be changed or adjusted on your underpinner (frame joiner), when you change the size to be used

  • Cassese wedges are glue free to avoid jammings usually caused by glue

  • What is shape memory??

    Cartridge wedges are made from a special steel alloy which gives shape memory properties to the wedge.

    This way, when it penetrates into the moulding, it spreads its wings which (because of shape memory) try then to come back to their initial position. This results in pulling very strongly the 2 pieces of mouldings towards each other, so as to give a perfectly closed corner. This is one of the reasons of Cassese worldwide-known excellent joining!

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