Foster All-a-Board Lifter, Low Profile Material Handling Equipment
Foster All-a-Board Lifter Low Profile (New) Item # FR-106210


Foster All-A-Board Lifter Low Profile

SKU: FR-106210
Manufacturer: Foster

The All-A-Board Lifter moves rigid substrates through narrow aisles, doors and between machinery. Feed boards into printers, use as a mobile work bench to meet changing workflow and space requirements.


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Solidly constructed with these ergonomic design features:
- Body frame is constructed from clear anodized, t-slotted extruded aluminum fastened with metric hardware and extrusion specific fasteners
- Four heavy duty 5 diameter swivel locking casters can transport up to 1000 lbs. of 4 x 10 media
- Handle along the back of the frame allows operators to maneuver and rotate table top from vertical to flat position
- Spring loaded latch mechanism locks table top in flat position
- Pull handle allows operator to easily release latch mechanism and return table to vertical position.
- Durable high-pressure laminate surface, fastened to Lifter frame with counter-sunk (Flat Head Cap Screw) hardware that prevents scratching and is impact resistant.

Available in 5 heights (34” to 42” to fit your printers and cutters.
Model # Description
61600 All-a-Board Lifter 34” Height
61602 All-a-Board Lifter 36” Height
61604 All-a-Board Lifter 38” Height
61606 All-a-Board Lifter 40” Height
61608 All-a-Board Lifter 42” Height

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