Foster On-A-Roll Lifter Power Jumbo Low Profile Material Handling
Foster On-A-Roll Lifter Power Jumbo Low Profile (New) Item # FR-106010


Foster On-A-Roll Lifter Power Jumbo Low Profile

SKU: FR-106010
Manufacturer: Foster

With a powerful 12-volt DC motor, the On-a-Roll Lifter Power Jumbo allows one operator to easily lift and lower rolls as heavy as 990 lbs. (450 kg), as wide as 16 feet 5 inches (5 m), and with diameters as great as 19.6 inches. This motorized lifter securely positions large and heavy rolls while providing a safe, effortless, and efficient solution for handling.



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In any shop handling rolls of print media or other material, a Foster On-a-Roll Lifter is a must-have tool. Here are just a few reasons:
- Material damage is reduced or eliminated when moving rolls.
- Large media and heavy material rolls are handled quickly and easily.
- The powerful 12-volt DC motor makes lifting effortless.
- Nylon safety straps enable one operator to move even the heaviest media rolls.

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