Geo Knight 44×66 Maxi-Press (used) Item # UE-110121E (Wisconsin)
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Geo Knight 44×66 Maxi-Press (used) Item # UE-110121E (Wisconsin)
Geo Knight 44×66 Maxi-Press (used) Item # UE-110121E (Wisconsin)


Geo Knight 44x66 Maxi-Press

SKU: UE-110121E
Date listed: November 1, 2021

Geo Knight 44x66 Maxi-Press

From the seller: "This used press is in good working condition."

Size: 44 x 66"

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***From the Manufacturer

(List Price New: $19,450)

The MAXI?PRESS is a multipurpose large format manual heat transfer press intended for the imprinting of a vast range of different materials. The MAXI?PRESS combines an oversized platen with a low production oriented framework with a single loading table configuration. It is available in two different heater block sizes: 32" x 42" and 44" x 64". The gas shock counter springs provide a weightless and effortless operation of the press. The Digital Knight state-of-the-art control system accurately regulates all aspects of the electrical functions of the press, freeing the operator for the main goal of material imprinting.

Ideal applications that the MAXI?PRESS has performed flawlessly include: large fabrics & piece goods, full-bleed printed sportswear panels, banners, floor mats, carpets, mouse pads and more. The MAXI?PRESS strongly supports sublimation transfer processes, as well as digitally produced transfers, and laminating processes.


SuperCoil-Microwinding? heater technology

Ultra thick heater block assembly

Solid steel pressure bars

Heavy steel frame structures

Unique heavy duty linkage assembly

Even & Adjustable applied pressure

Adjustable platen height

Solid lower platen base

Self leveling heater block assembly

Solid loading bed with ultra thick nomex padding

Automatic start/stop/reset timer - hands free operation

Heavy duty locking casters for easy movability and solid support

Weightless ease of use due to gas shock hydraulic self contained springs


No air required

44x64: 208V-230V, 18000W, 1PH, 85A, 100A breaker recommended

32x42: 208V-230V, 9000W, 1PH, 43A, 50A breaker recommended

George Knight Company Heat Presses

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