Gloucester / NRM 54″ Sheet Line (Used) SKU: NFE-246 (IL)
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Gloucester / NRM 54" Sheet Line

SKU: NFE-246

Gloucester / NRM 54" Sheet Line

Machine will be checked and serviced by technician before pickup. Lead time 10-12 weeks after deposit.?

Installation is available for an additional charge

54" Wide Gloucester/ NRM Sheet Line

Flat & Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Equipment?


  • Sheet Line Consisting Of The Following Pieces:
  • 4.5" Gloucester Extruder, 30:1 L/D Ratio, Water Cooled, 250 HP Reliance DC Motor with Max Pack Plus DC Drive, Direct Drive to 10.15:1 Gear Box Ratio, 5 Barrel Zones, Upgraded Temperature Controls and Solid State Relays, Rectangle Feed throat, 56" Center line Height,
  • 4.5" Gloucester Slide Plate Screen Changer, Vertically Mounted, With 3 HP Hydraulic Power Pack With Accumulator, Screen Changer On Casters, With Clamp Flange
  • 27.5" (700mm) OMV Flex Lip Sheet Die, Model 700/L5-CP, Centerback Fed, 8 Heat Zones, Flex Lip, External Deckles (Different Width Dies Available)
  • 54" NRM Downstacking Sheet Stack, 16" Diameter Rolls, Chain Driven, Chrome Rolls Driven by 5 HP AC Motor With Inverter Drive & Pull Rolls Driven By 3 HP AC Motor With Inverter Drive. (3) 5 HP Recirculating Pumps, (3) 12 KW Heaters.
  • 48" Pennran Plastics Shear, 9" Stroke, 2,360 lbs Stroke Pressure, 1.6 Sec Cycle Time, 5hp Motor, 32 Gallon Hydraulic Tank with Pump, Start/Stop Switch, Foot Pedal Control, and Timer, Machine was running 1/8"-2" thick Sheet, 480/230 Voltage
  • Includes Dry Cycling Prior To Shipping

Price ? $ 109,000


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