Used Gluefast 32" Colonel Hot / Cold Gluer
Gluefast 32″ Colonel Hot / Cold Gluer (used) Item # UFE-M1664 (NC)
Gluefast 32″ Colonel Hot / Cold Gluer (used) Item # UFE-M1664 (NC)
Gluefast 32″ Colonel Hot / Cold Gluer (used) Item # UFE-M1664 (NC)


Gluefast 32" Colonel Hot / Cold Gluer

SKU: UFE-M1664
Manufacturer: Gluefast
Date listed: September 8, 2017

From the Seller "This machine is in Good Working Condition."

A heavy duty gluer for applying adhesive onto large labels.

Model: 32C

Size of rollers: 32

Video of Machine in Operation


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Features & Specifications

*** Manufacturer's Information:

Gluefast Colonel Gluer - User Instructions

Durable, flexible and cost-effective. The reliable Colonel produces superior results for label mounting. It applies a controlled amount of adhesive on the back of large or small labels. The glued label is then manually placed onto flat board stock, mdf, foam-core, matboard, set-up boxes or any other item to be labeled. The Colonel's durable construction, with protect gear train and brass rollers, facilitates trouble free operation. Production control is easily maintained due to a variable speed control. The thermostatically-controlled glue reservoir accommodates cold water based adhesives as well as hot animal glues. The Colonel is offered in 20", 32" and 42" roller widths and an optional pressure-bar attachment available for applying adhesive onto rigid/thick stock such as chipboard, plywood, corrugated, mdf, foam-core and other materials up to 5/8" thick.

After placing the label through the Colonel gluer, the glued label is then placed on flat board stock. The combined label/board is fed through the Adjutant Press which features an upper rubber roller and a lower metal roller. The label/board is then placed in a stack to dry.

245 lbs. / 111kg

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