Gravotech IM3 Pantograph Manual Engraver (New) Item # GV-101010
Gravotech IM3 Pantograph Manual Engraver (New) Item # GV-101010
Gravotech IM3 Pantograph Manual Engraver (New) Item # GV-101010
Gravotech IM3 Pantograph Manual Engraver (New) Item # GV-101010
Gravotech IM3 Pantograph Manual Engraver (New) Item # GV-101010
Gravotech IM3 Pantograph Manual Engraver (New) Item # GV-101010
Gravotech IM3 Pantograph Manual Engraver (New) Item # GV-101010


Gravotech IM3 Pantograph Manual Engraver

SKU: GV-101010
Manufacturer: Gravotech

New w/ Factory Warranty

From the Manufacturer:


IM3: The iconic pantograph by Gravotech

In 1938, we revolutionized the world of engraving with a new definition of manual pantographs, easier, more reliable and user friendly. The IM3 manual engraving machine is one of our best-sellers to engrave flat items for signage and personalization.

Manual Engraving Machine

The IM3 engraving pantograph works on its own, without a computer, electronic device or software. Select your characters among a full set and start manually engraving. The arm is fitted with a stylus and moves in the groove of the model, while the other arm fitted with a pin reproduces the composition. With our timeless manual Pantograph, you can produce superior engravings without screens.

A Vintage Engraving Machine

No fancy design or decorated structure, the IM3 is a vintage engraving machine that claims its belonging to the old industrial times. The mechanical structure is easy to access when needed as it is entirely bare. Watch your engraving being done while making it, and instantly see the result of your work!

Rotary Engraver

Thanks to the ingenious vibration-resistant depth adjustment nose, the engraving remains constant regardless of the material. Engraving on plaques, brass, copper, steel, plastic, wood, plate engraving, and much more. Several styluses are available for different results.


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Unique Customer Experience

The Pantograph is a timeless journey through time. The IM3 engraving pantograph is the creation of decades of enhancements while using a technique that has existed since ancient Greece. Surprise and amaze your customer by manually engraving their gift, plate engraving, engraving on plaques, or flat jewel. It is your know how and expertise that will make their objects unique. Why not even invite them to select their characters and put them on the character runner themselves?

Engraving Clamps and Accessories

Having a manual pantograph does not limited you with your engravings. We provide a full range of clamps and tools to suit all of your applications, jaw covers for plate engraving, jewelry, watches, badges, pens, and depth adjustment noses. Engrave, bevel, and score with our different cutters made from steel, carbide, or diamond. More than 40 international character sets are available.

Eco-Friendly Rotary Engraver

Help reduce the CO2 emissions with our IM3 pantograph machine. Suppress the need for power by replacing the spindle with a diamond tip that does not rotate. The simplicity makes transport easy and our Pantographs stood the test of time!

Additional Information

Technical Specifications

- Auto-centering jig: Quickly position the item for instantaneous engraving.
- Centering bracket: The line to be engraved is automatically centered.
- Easy cutter adjustment: The pin mechanism is designed to easily fasten and adjust the cutter.
- Technologies: Rotary, scribing
- Marking area max: 250 mm (9.8 in) x 140 mm (5.5 in)

- Max. object size (L x W x H) (weight): unlimited x 250 (9.84 in) mm (10 kg - 22.04 lbs)
- Dimensions (L x W x H): 580 mm (22.83 in) x 510 mm (20.07 in) x 280 mm (11.02 in)
- Machine weight: 11kg (24.25lb)
- Noise level: less than 80 dB
- Spindle Type: Top load spindle / Deported motor
- Operating Temperature: min. +5° C (+ 41° F) - max. +40° C (+104° F)
- Connection to computer: Manual machine / Not connected to a computer
- Rotation speed: 18,000 rpm
- Tool diameter: 3.17 mm (0.12 in)

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