Hoffmann MORSO NFXL Manual Beaded Face-Frame Notching Machine (New) Item # HM-102010


Hoffmann Morso NFXL Manual Beaded Face-Frame Notching Machine

SKU: HM-102010
Manufacturer: Hoffmann

New w/ Factory Warranty

***From the Manufacturer:


The heavy-duty, large capacity (max. 8” wide moulding) MORSO NFXL is by far our most popular and most versatile face-frame notching machine for the production of beaded face-frames, French-mitered cabinet doors as well as muntin and mullion joints

Based on the smaller NFL but with a completely redesigned center stop and moveable fence arrangement, the maximum distance with the cutting head all the way back and the center fence moved all the way toward the operator is 8”. This wide adjustment range is ideal for custom cabinet manufactures needing 3”, 5” or even 7” wide top or bottom rails in their custom work.

In addition to being able to accept face frame moulding up to 8” wide, the NFXL can be outfitted with a smaller cutting head and a 1/4” wide nose knife for the production of half-lap joints for window and door mullions, wine racks, etc.

The machine features a heavy-duty steel frame with cast iron tabletop. The vertical travel of the cutting head, which is also made of cast-iron, can be adjusted depending on work-piece thickness, assuring comfortable operation.

Factory-fitted cast-iron extensions tables for left and right side are included and so is a full set of MORSO U-channel fences and flip-stop (optional DGS 1000 fence system is a popular upgrade).

Optional smaller Cutting Head

To increase the range of applications, we offer smaller cutting heads for MORSO NFXL notching machines. These smaller heads are required to install 1/4”, 5/16” or 3/8” wide nose knives which are generally used for mullion or muntin joinery. The cutting heads can be replaced in only minutes and MORSO NFXL side knives fit on both heads; only the nose knives differ in design.


About this Item

Features & Specifications

MORSO NFXL Standard Features:

MORSO NFXL series foot operated notching machines for beaded face-frames include:

- safety guard
- scrap chute
- four short-arm flip-stops and two long-arm flip-stops
- left and right hand side cast iron table extensions
- left and right hand side aluminum fence rails
- one set of original MORSO side knives, factory ground and honed
- one 3/4" wide nose knife and one 1" wide nose knife, factory ground and honed
- detailed instructions incl. parts diagrams

  • Warranty: Mechanical parts are warranted for twelve months. Complete MORSO warranty terms apply.

Additional Information

MORSO NFXL notching machine - technical data:

- Max. Moulding Width: 8" (200mm)
- Max. Moulding Thickness: 6 1/4" (155mm)
- Machine Controls: manually controlled with hand lever and foot pedal
- Nose Knife Capacity: 1/2" - 1" width (1/4", 5/16", 3/8" nose knives require smaller cutting head)
- Extension Tables: heavy cast iron, machined surface, 30 3/4" long, one left and one right hand side
- Fence Rails: silver anodized aluminum, 59 1/2" total length, one left and one right hand side
- Table Height: 33" - floor to table surface
- Width Including Fence Rails: 118"
- Weight: 220 lbs.

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