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Keencut Ultimat Gold Mat Cutter

SKU: FR-109010
Manufacturer: Keencut

Keencut Ultimat Gold Mat Cutter


From the Manufacturer:

Tough, precise, built to last and exceptionally comfortable to use, the Keencut Ultimat Gold takes the guesswork out of creating perfect mats. Whether you're a highly skilled hobbyist or a professional who specializes in intricate frames, the Ultimate Gold is the gold standard of manual mat cutters.

Offering superior micro-adjustments and space-age bearings that provide silent-glide action, the Ultimat Gold is built for precision, ease of use and versatility.

This sturdy cutter with a single-piece aluminum extruded base cuts:

  • basic window mats
  • double window mats
  • multiple openings
  • 3/16" foamboard mats for covering with fabric

Unrivaled Features and Dual Cutting Head

  • The precision cutting head has a comfortable sculpted shape and features ball-and-thrust bearings for superb precision.
  • The dual cutting head features both beveled edge and vertical blade holders.
  • The vertical head can be locked into position to allow easy cutting of the thickest boards.

The Ultimat Gold is such a premium product that the Institute of Visual Arts' Randy Hufford, a leading expert in the framing industry, fully endorses it.

"This mat cutter really is the Rolls Royce of mat cutters - precision, simplicity and accuracy." - Randy Hufford, leading framing industry expert, Institute of Visual Arts

Perfect for Cutting:

Up to 3/8?"

  • Banners
  • Foam board (5mm)
  • Conservation board
  • Corrugated plastic (5mm)
  • Mat board
  • Mount board
  • Self-adhesive vinyl

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