New Kool Tack Maxim Raven Black Wood Glue
Kool Tack Maxim Raven Black Wood Glue (New) Item # NFE-189


Kool Tack Maxim Raven Black Wood Glue

SKU: NFE-189
Manufacturer: Kool Tack

Fill and bond corners at the same time. Sets up in 5 minutes with a working bond in 15 minutes. Goes on grey then dries to a rich black finish. Makes a solid black corner without any filling. Just glue and wipe clean while still wet.

  • SKU Number: NFE-189-1 Max Raven-4oz.      12x 4oz container/ case
  • SKU Number: NFE-189-2 Max Raven-16oz.    12x 16oz. container/case
  • SKU Number: NFE-189-3 Max Raven-64oz.      4x 64oz. container/case
  • SKU Number: NFE-189-4 Max Raven-128oz.    4x 128oz. container/case

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