Kool Tack Maxim Blue Wood Glue (New) Item # FS-102010


Kool Tack Maxim Blue Wood Glue

SKU: FS-102010
Manufacturer: Kool Tack

Greatest white glue on the planet, formulated specially for wood products to bond as solid as a rock.

One-minute bond time, sets up in 15 minutes, cures in 3 hours, dries clear, water cleanup.

This glue was formulated to bond large picture frame corners without using nails.

  • SKU Number: FS-102010 Max Blue - 4 oz. (16 per case)
  • SKU Number: FS-102020 Max Blue - 16 oz. (12 per case)
  • SKU Number: FS-102030 Max Blue - 64 oz. (8 per case)
  • SKU Number: FS-102040 Max Blue - 128 oz. (4 per case)

*Must purchase in case quantities.


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