Logan Graphic F700-1 Wall Mount Multi-Material Cutter (New) SKU # LG-201020


Logan Graphic F700-1 Wall Mount Multi-Material Cutter

SKU: LG-201020
Manufacturer: Logan Graphic

New w/ Factory Warranty

The Model 700‑1 has been designed as a full featured Multi‑Material Wall Mounted Cutter. Features include interchangeable cutting tools for glass, matboard / foamboard, and plastic. Large capacity 60″ (152 cm) cutting length, 48″ (122 cm) material bed, smooth bearing guided and counter‑balanced cutting head. Solid all‑metal construction makes this an ideal machine for your framing requirements.

Uses F57 6-Way Glass Turret, F58 Razor Blade pack, and F59 Plastic Cutting Blade.


About this Item

  • Multi material substrate sizing tool
  • Wall mounted
  • 60″ (152 cm) vertical capacity
  • 48″ (122 cm) cutting bed
  • Sizes glass & plexi acrylic suitable for picture framing
  • Sizes mat board & foam board up to 1/2″ (13 mm)
  • Sizes Sintra® up to 3 mm, Coroplast®, Gator‑Board®
  • Quick change cutting tools (glass, plexi, razor blade)
  • Counterweight suspends cutting carriage during use
  • Parts tray for spare cutting tools, glass cutting oil, cleaning brush

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