OMGA T 521 ST Cut Off Saw (Used) Item # NE-012522I (Pennsylvania)


OMGA T 521 ST Cut Off Saw

SKU: NE-012522I
Manufacturer: OMGA


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From the seller: "As Taken From Service"

460V 3PH

For mass production of precisely cut stocks in the most simple operation, the OMGA Cut Off Saw T 521 ST is the right choice for your shop or application. This OMGA cut-off saw machine is able to efficiently perform even for large scale production because of its straightforward operation and effective features. Unlike other saws that requires complicated machine adjustment for speed change, this equipment includes a foot pedal control for convenient speed adjustments. Its clamp which also act as the blade guard automatically hold workpieces. This device also comes with 460 voltage, 3 phase and 7 HP motor to suit large scale production requirement.

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