Potdevin Rotary Press (NEW) Item # PD-107000


Potdevin Rotary Press

SKU: PD-107000
Manufacturer: Potdevin


Excellent for high-speed laminating of glued materials, flexible or rigid, up to a half inch in thickness. Uses include chipboard to chipboard, litho labels to chipboard or corrugated boxes. Adjustable pressure. Optional 1 1/4" wide opening available.


Available in the following sizes:
  • SKU: PD-107000 24"
  • SKU: PD-107010 30"
  • SKU: PD-107020 36"
  • SKU: PD-107030 42"
  • SKU: PD-107040 48"
  • SKU: PD-107050 54"
  • SKU: PD-107060 60"
  • SKU: PD-107070 70"
  • SKU: PD-107080 84"


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