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Wizard 8000 CMC Cutter – Rental Program
Wizard 8000 CMC Cutter – Rental Program
Wizard 8000 CMC Cutter – Rental Program


Wizard 8000 CMC Cutter - Rental Program

SKU: NFE-223
Manufacturer: Wizard

Computerized Mat Cutter

An economical and efficient mat cutting solution that allows custom framing businesses to cut more and cut faster.

8000 Rental Programs Include:

Wizard 8000 CMC (or 8000s SpaceSaver)

Choice of CMC Stand?Floor, *Retractable or Fixed Wall Mount

Computer / Windows? OS

Wizard FrameShop? Design & Cut Software License

45? Metal Cartridge w/License + 1 Box (100) Premium Blades

1-Year Computer Warranty (Manufacturer)

Wizard Technical Support & Complete CMC Hardware Coverage (Wizard Essential Service Plan included)

Rental Program Options:

Unlimited Rental Program

Unlimited Cutting

Metered Usage Rental Program:

    Metered Usage: 1,000 Corners/Month**

    Additional Corners** Available for Purchase in Packs of 500

    *Retractable Wall Mount option subject to availability of compatible boards.

    **Corners are defined as a turn or rotation of the cutting head.


About this Item

Features & Specifications


Some of the features our CMC Model 8000 offers:

  • Cut speed of 7.5 inches per second

  • 45 degree standard bevel cartridge

  • Optional debossing package with three cartridge options for pressing subtle designs into mats: thin, medium and wide

  • MatDesigner? software

Additional Information


Wizard 8000 Technical Specifications:

  • - Maximum Cutting Area (WxH): 58.5?x 38.5? / SpaceSaver: 30.5?x 38.5?
    - Maximum Cutting Speed: 7.5?/sec
    - Minimum Overall Footprint (WxD): 98?x 54?
    - Minimum Compressed Air Supply: 100 psi / 2 cfm (6-bar / 56-clm)
    - Power Requirements: 110v/220v AC @ 4A/2A, 50-60Hz

    FrameShop? Software Specifications:
    - Nesting & Tiling Functionality (for maximizing material yield)
    - Trace Functionality (for creating custom designs)
    - Supported File Types: DXF, SVG, WCX, WCA & standard image formats
    - TrueType Font Compatibility
    - Barcode Scanning Compatible
    - Compatible with most Custom Framing POS Systems
    - Over 115 Pre-Designed Templates Included
    - Over 2,500 CutArtTM Files Included
    - Internet Connectivity Required

Pricing & Shipping

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