Zund G3 Router Module (Used - New Condition) SKU # PA-103010 - AIM Equipment Co.
Zund G3 Router Module  (Used – New Condition) SKU # PA-103010


Zund G3 Router Module

SKU: PA-103010
Manufacturer: Zund

The centerpiece of all Zund router modules is a high-performance, high-frequency spindle. Depending on applications and requirements, versions from 1 to 3.6 kW are available.

- Routing, engraving, polishing with the same module
- Capable of processing a wide range of materials
- Active cooling for reliable heat dissipation
- Efficient dust extraction for clean operation
- Designed for 24/7 operation
- Wide assortment of Zund router bits available

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(The part pictured is from the manufacturer's site.)


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