Fletcher AMP U600 / VN4MC Joiner (New) Item # NFE-26



Fletcher AMP U600 / VN4 MC Joiner

The U-600 is the most advanced frame joining machine in the picture framing and woodworking industries. It balances sophistication, performance, and operating flexibility for joining picture frames, door and window frame assemblies.

This machine is ideal for medium-sized production facilities that require flexibility for different sized V-Nail fasteners or a common mm size through a market unique configurable channel feature.

With profile data storage of 5,000 different frames, the operator can easily recall any frame profile either alphabetically, numerically, or using the barcode reading option.

Photo appearing in listing is of the Mitre-Mite VN4 MC with the optional double hydraulic pressure clamp.

New or refurbished models do not come standard with double hydraulic pressure clamp. This is an optional item. Call us for pricing.

Item # NFE-26   $ 18,995

From the manufacturer:

  • Unique Performance Features:

  • Equipped with five individual V-Nail storing channels, capable of holding up to 220 V-Nails each

  • V-Channels can store multiple sizes or one common size for production uptime and productivity
  • Easy table tilt adjustment for operator comfort
  • User friendly touch-screen P.C. operation with data storage for 5,000 frame profiles
  • Bar Code Scanner option for production integration and efficiency
  • Join from front or back of machine
  • Machine handles all types of wood, plastics, and MDF materials
  • Equipped with double hydraulic pressure clamp

Package Contents:

(1) MC nailhead, (1) MC nailhead, (1) 5MM allen wrench, (1) 6mm allen wrench, (1) 8mm allen wrench, (1) Magnetic pick up tool, (1) Touch screen PC assembly, (4) Machine base levelers, (1) Fence template 4-6-8 side, (1) Machine manual

Framing Capability

Width: 3/8” to 6 ¼”
Height: ¼” to 5 ¼”

  • Capability for 4, 6, or 8-Sided Frames

Power Source



Machine Size

Width: 29”
Length: 29”
Height: 57”
Weight: 309 lbs

V-Nail Sizes (mm)

5, 7, 10, 12, 15

Optional Accessories

  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Memory Expansion
  • Wood Support Table
  • Metal Extension Wings
  • Custom Configurable Magazine Sizes (e.g., five channels of all 10mm)
  • Ideal For

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  • Door Machinery Assembly Machines / V-nailer U-600 Casing Assembly Machine
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