A Plus Automation A44-P / A45-P Vnailer (New) Item # AP-102080
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A Plus Automation A44-P / A45-P Vnailer

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A Plus Automation A44-P / A45-P Vnailer
The A44-P and A45-P have been designed for ease of operation and are particularly well suited for assembling larger frames. They can join all types of moulding with precision using our special steel wedges, which are manufactured in several different sizes.
Supplied with a tilting floor stand, the machines can be operated from the front or back and has a single stage foot pedal which activates the horizontal clamp.
After the operator sets the two mechanical stops, a two stage hand lever is then used to position the vertical clamp and the nail head for driving or stacking wedges anywhere along the frame joint.
These machines are equipped with a very strong nail driver providing trouble free operation for many years.


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Data Sheet
Frame Height (min. max.): mm 5-80 / 1/4" - 3 5/32"
Frame Width (min. max.): mm 6-160/ 1/4" - 6 11/3"
Storage capacity: n. 220
Standard Wedge size: 7mm - 10mm - 15mm
Optional Wedge size: 3mm - 5mm - 12mm
Pneumatic feed: Bar 3-6 / Psi 40-80
Air consumption: 4,0 Nl at 5 BAR
0.14 cf3 at 73 Psi
Weight: approx. 90 kg / 198 lbs
Height of work bench: 970mm / 38"
Overall dimensions: 600mm x 520mm x 1250
24" x 20" - x 49"

Note: the A44-P is similar to A45-P but with a shorter stroke

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