A Plus Automation T3xxAuto Double Miter Saw (New) Item # AP-103080


A Plus Automation T3xxAuto Double Miter Saw

SKU: AP-103080
Manufacturer: A Plus Automation

The automatic saws T3xx Automatica have been developed to optimize productivity. They provide high speed cutting and high quality of the cuts, up to 500 frames/hour*.
These machines cut 45° angles on picture frames, doors, windows and furniture profiles. A horizontal (or vertical) hopper is available, depending upon the dimensions and type of materials used. The magazine hold up to 40 sticks of various lengths. These saws utilize vertical drop technology that was developed over many years in production, which reduces scrap, having a knockout as small as 1.6mm (1/16").
A color touch screen PC with Windows gives you many helpful utilities to manage your work and production management. Barcodes scanner connection available by RS232 serial connection and USB ports included.
An extremely intuitive software permits you to memorize over 5000 programs and, for every program up to 4 different cut sizes to optimize and reduce the scrap. Optional LAN port to link machinery together and for remote assistance.
* 100x150mm


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