New Foster Rotatrim Professional Cutter
Foster Rotatrim Professional Cutter (New) Item # NFE-345


Foster Rotatrim Professional Cutter

SKU: NFE-345
Manufacturer: Rotatrim

New w/ Factory Warranty

Originally designed with the photographer in mind, the heavy-duty use Professional has proven its durability and worth as an ?all day, everyday use? trimmer in a variety of industries. Aside from the materials listed below, the Professional has been used to cut offset printing plates, packaging materials, polyethylene and even mount board ? as well as for office finishing projects.

From mount board all the way down to tissue paper, the Professional accurately cuts all these substrates without a single adjustment to the machine.

The Professional is perfect for heavy-use cutting and trimming of flexible materials, offering cutting action so smooth that a cut can literally be made using only the pinkie finger:

  • Dual chrome-plated guide rails completely eliminate cutting head swivel.
  • Design offers a maximum cut depth of up to 3mm.
  • A solid laminated gridded baseboard ensures accurate placement of work.
  • All-metal end frames and head, and an aluminum square side rule, lead to performance that lasts a lifetime.

Optional Stand & Waste Catcher Package

This convenient quality steel stand that supports the Rotatrim Professional Series trimmers offers rigid support at the ideal working height of 34 inches. Black finished, this stand includes an integrated, transparent space-saving waste catcher that secures off cuts.

Helpful Hints

Two-way cutting option is available on all Rotatrim machines by removing the overload protection plate. The overload protection system ensures that it is virtually impossible to overload the machine. But, if cutting appropriate material, this plate can be removed in order to offer bi-directional cutting.


About this Item

  • Perfect for Cutting Up to 3mm:

    • Canvas

    • Cellophane

    • Cibachrome

    • Cork

    • Corrugated card

    • Digital prints

    • Encapsulations

    • Felt

    • Flexographic plates (.067?)

    • Floor graphics

    • Heatseal

    • Inkjet paper

    • Laminations

    • Photo paper

    • Photo film

    • Polyester

    • Polystyrene

    • Posters

    • Reflective film

    • Self-adhesive film

    • Tissue paper

    • Transparencies

    • Veneers

    • Vinyl

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