Cassese MACH 1 Cart Automatic Underpinner (New) Item # LS-101000


Cassese MACH 1 Cart Automatic Underpinner

SKU: NFE-113
Manufacturer: Cassese

Cassese MACH 1 Cart Automatic Underpinner

(Please note: The MACH 1 is a previous generation machine now replaced by the Cassese V-Force 1 Cart Numeric Underpinner ( VForce). Contact us for further information)

New w/ Factory Warranty

The Cassese MACH 1 electric + pneumatic underpinner is designed for high speed production with easy setup and changeover. It is a great machine for the medium to high volume frame shop. Its sturdy design will last for many years and incorporates state of the art features to maximize your productivity.

The MACH 1 Cart uses Cassese nails in cartridges, which means no adjustment to machine when changing nail size.


About this Item

Features & Specifications

-High speed: 3360 cycles / hour (2 positions per corner)
-5 nailing positions with up to 5 nails per position
-Quick and easy nailing pattern setup
-Cassese’s exclusive Smart Wedge Drive System Eliminates the need to adjust the top clamp location and eliminates the need to adjust air pressure between Hardwood and Softwood
-Fully automatic or semi-automatic nailing modes
-Retractable and powerful patented Ultra front clamps hold mouldings tightly in place during nailing
-Wide mouldings 7.5 nailing stroke
-High mouldings 4.5 max height
-Bonus: store 9 favorites profiles
-Barcode ready for unlimited profiles
-Adjustable fences

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